Our onsite car park is open for all guests at our restaurant and inn. Our car park is just located adjacent the restaurant, including a drop off -point.

Do you have onsite parking and what is the distance from the restaurant gate?

Is there a limit to the quantity or amount of food I can eat?

Not at all. Customers are always welcome to visit the restaurant as many times they want to. Nevertheless, we have great interest about environmental hygiene and we carry out campaigns on environmental sustainability. We therefore, urge you to assist us in ensuring cleanliness of our environment by purchasing only what you are able to eat.

Am I allowed to smoke within the restaurant premises?

Smoking is prohibited within the restaurant but guests are free to smoke outside the compound. Please be informed that there is a fine for any suspicion of cigarette smoking within the restaurant.

Is the motel disabled friendly?

Of course. We provide five rooms with requisite facilities to aid them. We also welcome assistant dogs provided they are well behaved.

Which payment cards do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Maestro.

Are there available vegetarian dishes?

Certainly. Our restaurants have variety of options to choose from. Our chefs are always willing to prepare a personalized dish based on your choice.

Why are some meals available at lunch but not at dinner?

We carried out an extensive market research and discovered that some customers prefer to have a ‘quick snack’ for lunch. This result inspired us to provide more dishes in the evening, including the Live Cooking menu option. If you want to make a request for a certain dish, kindly reach out to us.

Do you offer discounts to large groups?

At present, we do not offer discounts for large groups, but we occasionally run special promotional offers.

Can you cater for special orders?

We always make out time and effort to attend to special orders from customers. If you want our chefs to prepare any dish as a special request, we will always oblige such request with utmost importance. Kindly note that we do get busy with our service to numerous customers at times, so we may not always be prompt at your call. Perhaps you plan to host a birthday party and you want to come with your cake, kindly call us ahead of time so the restaurant manager will be aware. Optionally, you can relate the message when you are making your bookings online.

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